Valdur Mikita

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Valdur Mikita takes a step further into Estonian sense of life and relations between psychology, landscape and culture. He is an author and speaker whose messages about forest have spoken deeply to the readers of Estonia and are helping to reconnect modern people to local natural environment.

Mikita’s contemplations about what is behind the magic of Estonia’s forests, how to domesticate your home parish, why is it so important to awaken your inner ancient forester, in what sense is the borderland globally important and special – are dear to many.

Valdur Mikita graduated university as a biologist. For a doctor’s degree he studied semiotics and cultural theory. He became known in 2013 with his book “Lingvistiline mets”/Linguistic Forest. In 2015 he published the second part of the trilogy “Lindvistika ehk metsa see lingvistika”/Lindvistika or to Forest with all that Linguistics. In 2016 the third book “Metsik lingvistika: sosinaid kartulikummardajate külast”/Wild Linguistics: Whispers from the Village of Potatoworshippers was issued. In his latest book, published last year and called “Kukeseene kuulamise kunst”/The Art of Listening to Chanterelle, Mikita analyses the sense of life of Baltic Finns.

“Every nation or an ethnic group who has lived in one place for a long time, has developed its own important landscapes, kind of soulscapes. For Estonians this is definitely forest. Estonians pick their piece of mind and thoughts ever and again in the forest.”

“So let’s make one more gift for the Sate of Estonia: let’s present it a better world view. Otherwise a big white ship will land in the harbour for deep-sea vessels (that was probably built for this reason only) in the island of Saaremaa, to load the world’s biggest cardboard box made of Estonia’s cellulose.”


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