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Toomas Trapido shares how Estonia is somewhat unintentionally becoming Gaia Education pilot country, as one can study in Gaia Education based institution not depending on age. Toomas is a biologist and nature protector, who has always been looking for ways how humans can live in more harmony with nature and through inventing and communicating he is spreading the ecological way of life in Estonia.

Gaia Education – education for sustainable development recognized by UNESCO rests upon four pillars: social relations, economy, ecology and world view. The Estonian Gaia Education community has founded Gaia School for general secondary education, Gaia Academy for adults, and in cooperation with Tallinn University, Gaia Education has been integrated into natural sciences’ curriculum. Soon it is planned to open a Gaia nursery.

Toomas Trapido has always looked for ways how humans can live in more harmony with nature, communicating ecological way of life and thinking. In university he studied biology, later also internet startups. He has been the leader of the Estonian Fund for Nature, a green MP for four years, co-initiator of Let’s Do It! movement, one of the initiators of the movement of ecocommunities in Estonia as well as co-founder of Estonia’s first ethical financial institution Good Cooperations savings and loans association. He started and is currently the leader of Gaia Academy, teaches in Tallinn University and Tallinn Free Waldorf School the subject he cares about – how nature, humans and evolution can exist friendly side by side.

“It is the belief of Gaia Education as well as my own that life and a human being are holistic phenomena – body, soul and spirit all should have their own share. This way we have, instead of eclecticism, one whole of which we are fully aware of and that is fully balanced.”


Workshop: Large scale purchase of forest for holistic forest management body

14.07.2018 / 3 PM – 5 PM

We have started the creation of platform that would enable both gathering of considerable amount of funds and investment into forest land that would be managed according to best ecological, economic and social knowledge available. The platform will include also cryptocurrency (for example Forestcoin) that makes possible also decentralised management and fast collection of funds. We want to share what we’ve done so far and invite to become part of the project.


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