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Brahma Kumaris

Sonja Ohlsson is the director of Brahma Kumaris (BK) in Denmark and has practised raja yoga meditation since 1986. She is a meditation teacher with the Prison service in Copenhagen. In 2009 she was instrumental in developing BK Environment initiative in order to meet the need for a higher environmental awareness within the international BK community and to add the inner dimension to the discussions at the UN climate change and biodiversity conferences.


Inner Leadership – Nurturing Meditation and Self-Reflection in Community

11.07.2018 / 3 PM  – 5 PM

With Golo J. Pilz

Welcome to a workshop on Inner Leadership. With the help of meditation we will find the deep sense of purpose that is guiding our path, and the values that are behind our choices and decisions. With appreciative self-reflection an environment of trust is created for the community to thrive in. With clear inner leadership we become natural changemakers for the world in transition.

EXPO: Renewable Energy Systems in Communities

12.07.2018 / 11:30 AM  – 1 PM

With Golo J. Pilz

Welcome to a workshop to explore the design and installation of solar power and its link to our awareness. What role does our consciousness and our ethical standards play for the urgently needed transition from fossil fuels to clean technologies? Golo Pilz will share his experience in setting up solar steam cooking systems and photovoltaic power pants for smaller and larger communities in India. Sonja Ohlsson will support the workshop with meditations and dialogue.


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