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In 2010 and 2012 Nara was one of initiators of the campaign Let’s clean Slovenia in one day! which mobilised 13.5% of the population of Slovenia to clean up illegally dumped waste. Today Nara supports World Cleanup Day 2018 campaing worldwide as mentor and trainer. He is council member of ECOLISE and co-founder of Sunny Hills of Istria ecovillage project. He is the author of the bestselling book: Human: Instructions for Use and he is always barefooted. In 2016 portrait documentary Nara = Human was produced about his life and work.


Global CommUNITY for Wasteless Future

11.07.2018 / 11:30 AM – 1 PM

With Kadri Kalle

World Cleanup Day, on 15 September 2018, will be the biggest ever community building event. No wonder that many of us, GEN members, have taken up leadership roles, and many more are getting involved. On this workshop we will hear about some fabulous examples of collaboration between GEN and World Cleanup Day, we will learn about immense benefits of this collaboration and get inspired to participate. A short presentation will be followed by a practical workshop facilitated by Nara Petrović, giving the know-how for mobilising the entire nation for the cleanup and contributing GEN expertise for moving towards zero waste solutions.

Let’s Do It! World is an international movement with a vision of a clean and healthy waste-free world. Our intervention is to tackle environmental and social problems related to illegal litter by mobilizing and crowd-sourcing millions positive and action-minded people (organizing national and global cleanups) and using innovative technological solutions to map, pick up, sort and deal with waste around the world (preparing World Waste Platform and Index).

One of our tenants is to make the best use of technology to show the world how online actions can create positive offline impact. Using technology, citizen science, the best professionals and our worldwide volunteer base, the movement will map the world’s waste, creating the World Waste Index and World Waste Platform. The boundaries between the digital and physical worlds are blurring and by adding smart tech and engineering ingenuity to motivated volunteer power, we can solve the trash blindness together and provide a safer, healthier environment for our generation, our children and beyond.

World Cleanup Day is the biggest peaceful civic action in history, where 150 countries are planning to mobilize millions of people to clean up the world in just one day. The idea grew out of a spontaneous national initiative in Estonia in 2008. Since then, 20 million volunteers and 113 countries have joined in the movement. The Cleanups on 15 September 2018 will form an epic green wave – beginning in New Zealand and travelling around the world, with millions of volunteers taking action in their country as the Day passes through their time zone, before ending in Hawaii.

Have you heard the thrilling story of the fastest growing global movement of the last decade? Now is the chance to learn about it and understand how to get entire nations to collaborate on purely community-led initiative. Can you imagine whole states functioning as community? Or entire world? Even if only for one day? The story will be followed by discussion and practical exercises, facilitated by Nara Petrovic. You will get a sample experience of how to create vast scale agile organisation from scratch, and how to find your place in it. Our practical focus will be on the 15 of September 2018, when World Cleanup Day ( will unite millions in almost 150 countries in cleaning up illegaly dumped waste.

EXPO: Barefoot technology

13.07.2018 / 11:30 AM – 1 PM

What is the bare essence of technology, when we strip it naked of all artificial pretense?
Is it better, simpler, easier life? Or is it just comfort, entertainment, leisure?
Technology is fantastic, but it can also make us duller and sicker without us even knowing.
Would you imagine that everyday items like chairs, tables, toilets, forks, toilet paper, shoes,
toothbrushes, clocks etc. can hurt you? What alternatives do we have?

On barefoot technology workshop we will scrutinize the human being very carefully.
We will look under the skin of permaculture zone 0.0: the subject’s body, mind and emotions.
We will bust many cultural myths and learn the most elementary, primitive technology
which ties us to nature. The best thing about barefoot technology is that it doesn’t
require anything. You’ll learn how to use your body properly: how to watch, listen,
eat, walk, wash, work, pee, poo and even wipe your ass. You’ll make your own 100%
natural toothbrush made from a twig … Welcome


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