Liisa Kaasik

Liisa Kaasik seeks for spirituality from her Estonian roots. She wishes to empower women to reconnect to their ruptured roots to gather strengths and support from it. The guidance of our ancestors is still here for us.

„In my family we cherish and follow old Estonian beliefs in our everyday life because I find the old wisdoms supporting and useful.“

Liisa says that Estonians’ true treasure lies on the shelves of Estonian Literary Museum – we have 1,2 mln pages of gathered folklore that hides many of our nations old wisdom. „For me this knowledge is still alive. With each bigger life event (wedding, pregnancies and birth’s etc) i have reintegrated these old knowledges into modern day living. It has been a very fulfilling journey building a new bridge between the past and the present.“



Living the ancient, in spite of ruptured roots

This workshop is a practical sharing (kind of a talking circle, so that all can participate) of revived ancient traditions by a younger woman, who is a well-known author and teacher in Estonia and whose all family follows the traditions and ancient natural religion.
Four themes, two of them can be vey well done outside:

1. Pregnancy, childbirth, naming ceremony.
Old beliefs that Estonians have honoured for hundreds of years to ensure good life, wealth and health for the baby. Liisa shares what did she experience when following these traditions with her three pregnancies and homebirths.
According to ancient (pre-christian) name tradition in Estonia childrens names have meanings and they come as signs to parents before or after childbirth. Name giving ceremony is of great importance and is believed to be the seed of babies life.

2. Ancient Estonian beliefs about the moon.
How to plan ones life according to the supprotive moon phaeses as anchesters have been doing for thousands of years? Intorduction to old Estonians „moon science“ and folklore about the moon and the influences that different moon phases carry. We will also be discussing about the womans life circle and
the moon.

3. Estonian Sacred natural sites.
Estonias land is rich in sacred places. Sacred natura sites can be groves, springs, trees, stones and other nature places. These sites have been said to be the oldest nature n folklore. protection areas and power places, which meaning and value uncovers itself through knowledge. What are they? Where are they? Do people still go there? What contribution do they make to modern life? Liisa shares her personal experience with sacred groves.

4. Old Estonian sauna rituals
During many centuries indigenous Estonians have used sauna for many purposes including giving birth, healing, getting married, whitchcraft, honouring the spirits, dying and many other. Visiting sauna can become a deeply healing and spiritual experience when we follow the ancient traditions and sauna beliefs.


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