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Konstantin Makukha IBSDF President 10 years of a successful career in business led to the understanding that today’s technogenic civilization is causing irreparable damage to the entire planet and it is necessary to change something. If you want to change the world – start with yourself. Change the next position, office or company – not an option. It is necessary to change the philosophy and way of life. Co-founder of the First Biosphere Settlement BIOPOLIS in the Carpathians, Ukraine Author of the book “Total Downshifting or Full Upgrade”. 

ECO-villages, BIO-settlements – Next step in Mankind Sustainable Evolution

11.07.2018 and 12.07.2018 / 8:30 PM  – 10 PM

Despite more than half a century of history, Eco settlements, in the minds of people, are still only a “dubious alternative” to life in the cities. An alternative with unclear benefits. We have not become a world trend, nor a desired way of life. We are still less than a quarter of a million, those who live in sustainable communities. In harmony with the biosphere of the planet.
At the same time, the leaders of all states in all their voices declare the protection of the environment, the sustainable goals of human development. To realize these goals, huge resources are allocated – financial, political, human, scientific. Moreover, 90% of the terminology of government speeches and slogans about sustainable development, about ecology, are taken from us, from our beliefs, films, books, interviews, speeches, seminars.
Thus, we remain an alternative. Unexpected, doubtful, unrecognized by the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of the planet.
Why is this happening? What to do about it? Can we change this?
Yes. We can. After all, eco-settlements are not an alternative. Only the transition of at least 20% of the world’s inhabitants to a conscious life in sustainable communities – can save life on the planet for our children.


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