Keith Armstrong

Cultural historian and Dance leader

Archivist to the Findhorn Foundation


Keith Armstrong studied dnace with Anna Barton Sacred dance director at the Findhorn foundation for four years and with Bernhard Wosien the founder of the movement in the course of that time. He has been teaching groups since 1981 spreading Sacred Dance as a way of celebrating together and meditation in movement.

The Village Dances

11.07.2018, 12.07.2018  and 13.07.2018 / 8:30 PM  – 10 PM

“If you can walk, you can Dance.” This is a participatory workshop using simple village dances from around Europe. It is open to anyone aged 12 or over and is not really suitable for persons younger than this. The Village Dance is a traditional meeting place for all the villagers. It is a place where the community can come together in anonymity and celebrate in music and movement. According to the Dance Master Bernhard Wosien, who began this movement to restore dance to its rightful place in the heart of the community ‘Dance is the way the village heals itself’. It has grown massively popular in Britain and the rest of the world where it is carried out under the name Sacred and Circle Dance. In the course of a single session we will learn a collection of approximately 6 or 8 dances as an introduction to movement as a means of reaching social cohesion and well-being. The intention is to repeat these dances in the following sessions to allow participants to become sufficiently familiar to be able to share them at home. All of the dances are simple and will be lead and taught by Keith Armstrong, himself a dance master and teacher of almost 40 years standing. Keith says ‘Dance is the way grown ups play.’ Please bring comfortable shoes or thick socks and loose clothing. Most of the dances will be done in a circle or line, although there may also be some couples dances. The choice depends on the group and how we are able to proceed. It is advised that while the first or second sessions will be introductory sessions the final session will be more demanding. This is not a spectator event. All are expected to join in the dancing. We are building trust within the group and an audience can be very off-putting, especially for those new to dance. Come and have Fun.


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