Kai Vaara

MA (Education, Sociology), organisation consultancy, nature entrepreneurship
Katajamäki (Juniper Hill), Siemenpuu foundation, Community Based Healing and Peacemaking, GEN-Finland, Foundation of Life Heritage – Ikikaiku


MA (Education, Sociology), organisation consultancy, nature entrepreneurship. I am also a bee-keeper, and a small-scale producer of green vegetable preserves (e.g. lacto-bacillus fermented wild plants).

For some years I have drafted an initiative about a network of healing gardens and gathering places (possibly connected also to traditional healing and sacred places) as a kind of on-land learning route from Northern Europe to India (and back) for volunteers, study groups and traveling teachers and “road men” from ritual types of traditions of peace makers etc. as a kind of “healing peace bridge” between North and South or West and East. This network could revive old and forgotten sacred places and arboretums etc. possibly to be respected again. And I have already in some connections discussed about this in BEN, Russian Ecovillage meeting, with some people in Global Forest Coalition (like Iran, Tadjikistan, Kirgystan etc.).


Healing Peace Bridge – between North and South or West and East

– an on-land learning route for volunteers, working and study groups, traveling teachers, facilitators and ‘road men’ from peacemaking traditions etc. through healing gardens, sacred groves and ecovillages – to avoid polluting flights and to create a peace promoting cultural bridge connected to sustainable ways of life – to connect West and East to our common roots This is an initiative for discussion of an on-land learning route between Northern Europe and India based on healing gardens and gathering places. This network would form a kind of “healing peace bridge” between West and East – between rivalry of ownership of natural resources with tensions, conflicts and even wars, and between Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and also older roots. Healing begins by opening up to own and common roots. This network could revive local communities with old and forgotten healing and sacred places, healing gardens and arboretums etc. possibly to be respected again and possibly supporting and initiating conscious communities around them too. In this global atmosphere connected to climate change there is a great need for commonly available ‘breathing and rethinking holes’ or ‘sources of strength’ manifesting the need of sound life and thus shaping also a ‘pilgrimage rout’ of healing and perhaps also conciliation of historical traumas. We can discuss about the basic idea and it’s formulation as well as about the possible cooperative partners in each of the countries. Furher, in case this would raise some interest, we could figure out an appeal, a search for possible cooperative partners and places and create a web site. And also for financial support a project description could be outlined including basic meetings for people of respective countries, and a preliminary tour at least in some of the countries.


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