Jenny Hyde

International development and founder member of La Bolina’s Regeneration Project: Granada
La Bolina’s Regeneration Project: Granada

Jenny is a founding member of Los Portales Ecovillage (Seville) and La Bolina’s Regeneration Project: Granada, based in southern Spain, which seeks to co-create sustainable livelihoods for refugees and migrants whilst also addressing interconnected factors such as rural depopulation, high local unemployment and environmental degradation. Jenny is qualified as a lawyer in the United Kingdom (1997) and holds a master’s degree in international development. For the past 15 years has worked in several different NGOs, implementing community-led housing and infrastructure projects in slums (in Malawi, Sri Lanka and the Philippines); social and educational campaigns for peace and non-violence (international); and community-led marine conservation (in Madagascar). In 2014 she moved to Spain where she has been exploring the ecovillage movement as well as the practice of inner work.

La Bolina’s integrated response to migration and rural depopulation in southern Spain.

11.07.2018 / 3 PM  – 5 PM

A presentation and open conversation about La Bolina’s “Regeneration Project: Granada”, a young, pioneering project working with refugees and migrants in southern Spain that was supported this year by a generous donation from RefuGEN. The project aims to create sustainable positive solutions for multiple issues such as the depopulation of rural villages, the degradation of land, high local unemployment and the unmet basic needs of migrants and refugees.
Participants are invited to both contribute their ideas to our project and take away ideas to implement in their own project or community.
This workshop would be interesting for anyone who has an interest in innovative ways of addressing any of the challenges mentioned above.


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