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Founder of Lilleoru and a master teacher on awareness, Ingvar Villido will invite participants to receive insights and get practical experience of the new, awareness-based paradigm of human life: how to re-form and interact with life, starting from the inside out by learning to use awareness in everyday situations. To notice and change one’s inner patterns and habitual reactions, and to build up a new way of living.

Ingvar is a teacher (acharya) of Kriya Yoga, and the creator of The Art of Conscious Change method. His lifework is to teach people about the source of consistent happiness – their inner true Self – and the root causes of our problems. He has developed and taught the application of awareness since 1992. As a result of these 25+ years of work, he has systemized and updated the ancient knowledge of Kriya Yoga to a level at which ordinary people of our time are able to comprehend its essence and effectively put it into daily practice to simplify and improve their lives.

Over the years more than 15 000 people from Estonia and abroad have attended Ingvar’s lectures and The Art of Conscious Change course. There are also approx. 400 audio recordings available based on his 15-year lecturing. In 2018, his book “Emotions: Humanity’s Biggest Addiction”, addressing how automatic emotions limit the human potential, was published in Estonia where it became an immediate bestseller. His upcoming book “Turning Point” (in English) presents a new paradigm possible for humanity based on greater use of awareness. A simplified version of his teaching program is being developed also for schoolchildren.

Ingvar is also the founder of Lilleoru and his unique awareness-based teaching is also the cornerstone for Lilleoru, an education hub and intentional community established by him and a small group of his students in 1993. Today, about 120 active members form the core group. They come here regularly to study, take care of the community and place, and organize all necessary activities.

“Nowadays, we are guided by “wisdom” that brings us closer and closer to a global ecological catastrophe. All the problems in the world come from the fact that we do not have to be responsible for our actions in the long run. We are taught that we have one biological life. In this light, human life is a completely meaningless historical repetition and devouring of nature. Ignorance of the true human nature leads to the consequences currently happening in the world.”


Human 2.0: practical elements of a paradigm shift based on the application of awareness

13.07.2018 / 11:30 AM – 1 PM

Ingvar is known for talks that are experiential and enriching, always underpinned by his ever-present awareness, igniting a sense of wonder while resonating with simple wisdom beyond complexity and dogmas.

Above all, he envisions a future where the reactive paradigm is replaced by a new one based on awareness. To date nearly 16 000 people have attended Ingvar’s teachings and now Ingvar invites you to explore this possibility of personal transition. Through learning to apply the active qualities of awareness you too could experience a significant increase in the quality of life characterized by smiling more, being present, feeling energetic and fulfilled.

Ingvar’s involvement in awareness practices exceeds 35 years and during his active teaching period since 1992, he has first-hand witnessed the progress of thousands of students. Ingvar is also a master teacher of Kriya Yoga and as a unique contribution updated this ancient wisdom to a level that can now be understood and applied by people today. In 2008 this led to the birth of his signature teaching, the Art of Conscious Change, guiding people to discover their awareness, Self and learn practical tools to change one’s inner patterns of reaction. This highly potent awareness-based method also serves as the foundation for Lilleoru, a training centre and intentional learning community initiated by Ingvar in 1993.

You can count on Ingvar to discern between the practical and theoretical and always regard your development as top priority. You can trust him to sustain clarity and orientation, emanating confidence and depth while keeping the audience engaged with colorful examples and occasional jokes.


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