Ingvar Villido

Teacher of awareness
Lilleoru, Human 2.0



Ingvar Villido will speak about much needed awareness-based paradigm shift, starting from inside: to become aware of oneself and to change one’s inner patterns, to take the quality of awareness into everyday use and to build up a new way of living in this world.

Ingvar is a teacher of Kriya Yoga, and founder and member of the advisory board of Lilleoru. He has developed and taught the application of awareness since 1992, and as a result of this work, he has updated the ancient knowledge of Kriya Yoga to a level at which the people of our time are able to understand it and put it into practice. Over the years, thousands of people from Estonia and abroad have attended Ingvar’s lectures and The Art of Conscious Change courses.

This unique awareness-based education system is also the foundation for Lilleoru, a training centre and intentional learning community established by Ingvar and a small group of his students in 1993. Today a little more than 120 people form the core group. They come here regularly to study, take care of the community and place, and organize all necessary activities.

“Nowadays, we are guided by “wisdom” that brings us closer and closer to a global ecological catastrophe. All the problems in the world come from the fact that we do not have to be responsible for our actions in the long run. We are taught that we have one biological life. In this light, human life is a completely meaningless historical repetition and devouring of nature. Ignorance of the true human nature leads to the consequences currently happening in the world.”


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