Ina Meyer-Stoll


Ina will co-preside the conference with Daniel Greenberg from Earth Deeds and CAPE in USA.

Born in 1961, Ina studied pedagogy and sports to become a teacher. In 1984 she joined the community which later transformed into ZEGG. She is a founding member of ZEGG ecovillage and lives, works, and creates there since 1991. She works in holistic adult education and community building wholeheartedly around the planet, never stops learning to explore what is going on between humans.

Contributing for a peaceful and healthy planet is dear to her, so networking with other communities and ecovillages is her passion. For some years she was executive secretary of the Global Ecovillage Network of Europe (2003-08). Since 2004 she is involved in Gaia Education, a holistic approach for education for the future. Her focus are the social and worldview aspects, she is also familiar with Permaculture.

She is a communications trainer and supervisor for groups for 30 years, excellent in building community, creating transparency and trust in group processes. She trains ZEGG-Forum, is familiar with the integral worldview and collective intelligence, with World-Work, Non-Violent Communication, Deep Ecology, Family constellation, and many other methods which support people to share from the depth of their hearts & souls. She works in many different countries, accompanies different communities in Germany, in Europe, in the US.

“I love authentic, mindful communication and deep contact with people. I love to create honest social processes where we experience the magic of being part of something greater, part of a benevolent We-Space. I work for global transformation and feel deeply grateful for my life.”



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