Helena Lass

Medical doctor

Helena’s mission is to re-invent mental wellness for the general population, bridging medicine and spirituality in a new and hybrid way. Her advocacy activities are aimed at raising the public awareness of mental wellness education and methods for prevention in mental health.

An expert and a pioneer in the field of pro-active mental health, she received her medical doctor degree from Tartu University in 2004, and a specialist degree in adult psychiatry in 2013. The same year she founded a private clinic Unego where she treats patients with an emphasis on prevention in mental health. She is also the founding partner of Conscious Initiative, which is organizing the business-awareness conferences and Wellness Orbit – world’s first global B2B online learning platform for mental wellness and intra-personal skills.

In addition to her medical expertise, Helena has extensive knowledge in psychotherapy and 10+ years of experience with in-depth awareness practices, guided by her teacher Ingvar Villido. Helena claims that namely the education on awareness has provided her with the necessary input and drive to develop a new pro-active approach to mental health. Helena is frequently seen at events speaking on mental wellness, awareness and how these are interconnected with both quality of life and work. Starting from 2017 she is also the teacher of the Art of Conscious Change course. Her scientific article on possibilities for prevention in mental health will be published by Routledge in Feb 2018.

“In my vision, strong mental fitness is all about the quality of life, turning the popular proverb backwards, I am saying: a healthy spirit makes a healthy body.”


The Art of Conscious Change: awareness as a key for mental wellness, resilience and happiness

11.07.2018 / 11:30 AM – 1 PM

This workshop is experiential in essence, helping you to anchor into the present moment. You will learn the importance of discerning between the passive and active modes of awareness.

Helena is a student of Ingvar Villido and she will demonstrate how she has integrated the Art of Conscious Change practices with her everyday work and activities. She will also share her insights and turning points during the 15 years long path. Due to her medical background she will be able to explain how the use of awareness eventually determines the health of the individual mind as well as that of the group. Helena will shortly touch upon the plague of the 21st century – depression, while also highlighting the solution.


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