Karin Hippeli, Gerhard Paul, Carsten Mohr, Barbara Kress

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Gerhard Paul, son of Ursa Paul, who is the founder and visionary of the Heilhaus movement; business school graduate, managing director of Heilhaus foundation Ursa Paul and CEO of the Heilhaus companies (about 160 employees); he is living in the Heilhaus colony with his family.

Karin Hippeli, head of managing committee of the Heilhaus support association (about 800 members), educator and head of children and youth work at Heilhaus, student of Ursa Paul, lives in the Heilhaus colony.

Carsten Mohr, member of the board of trustees of Heilhaus foundation Ursa Paul, dermatologist, Heilhaus medical manager, student of Ursa Paul, qualified in spiritual medicine and medical science.

Barbara Kress, chairwoman of the Heilhaus support association, political economist, journalist, student of Ursa Paul.


The Connection between Spirituality and Economy

11.07.2018 / 8:30 PM  – 10 PM

In our society the values of a lived spirituality and economic success are considered as separated or even incompatible. Many communities are facing existential challenges how to channel their money trails in terms of a lived vision, how the wealth of a lively culture of community may distribute to a healthy economy for the benefit of all community members and the common cause.

In the 28 years of its existence the Heilhaus community created a spiritual place in Kassel that prospers economical. Many jobs were created and richly diverse spiritual companies take effect into society.

This lecture outlines how we connect economy and spirituality e.g.:

• How to get old conjointly within a community facing poor individual old-age pension schemes
• Individual economic independence within a collective spiritual vision
• Collectively financed joint meals – no matter how much money you have
• Safeguarding medical care and nursing in the community
• Within the nonprofit Heilhaus companies we created about 160 jobs. Our employees are able to earn their living and do meaningful work , orientated towards our values

We invite to an exchange of experiences and mutual inspiration how to achieve meaningful economic development of communities and projects. How to live economic independency and accomplish visions within communities? How can we use the network between communities to attain economic advantages? How to become a community of the communities on economic tier?


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