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Hawila Project is an eclectic mix of individuals from different international backgrounds, a mixture of engineering, environmental and agricultural graduates, combined with sailors, chefs , craftsmen and entertainers, we enjoy to share and engage with a wide audience

EXPO: Sail Cargo: a sustainable transport method?

13.07.2018 / 11:30 AM – 1 PM

Following on from the theme of co-creation at GEN 2018, our workshop has its focus on creating an open platform to discuss how we challenge globalisation, the current food system and what we, as communities consume. We will start the workshop with a presentation of our sailing project – Hawila. Following this, we wish to present documentaries, one of which is ‘Freightened’. The stage will be the Hawila itself where we will use a sail to make a cinema followed by a guided think-tank co-creation session.

Hawila project would like to host a discussion where we consider ‘what foods do we really need as a society and how can we take responsibility for it?’. The question relates to themes in the conference and finds a gap that needs addressing, where do products come from, how are they produced, how are they distributed and who consumes them? With the ideal to move towards 100% organic and sustainable alternatives – the question of transportation still remains relatively unchallenged and presents a valuable opportunity to find and suggest solutions together. Would you be willing to consume less and have only necessary items that cannot be produced locally, brought by sail, if so, what items would your community want and what would be the cost for this?

This would be interesting for anyone looking to challenge the current transportation system (reduce emissions) and support alternative solutions. For people interested in joining a community which can make local, global in a sustainable way. Those interested in helping to develop pedagogical strategies on-board and on-land. For small producers who make goods in ethical, conscious ways and want that to also be reflected in their transportation.


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