Fiorenza Bortolotti and Silvia Pinciroli

Architect and planner, landscape designer, trainer in Psychosynthesis
Comunita’ di Etica Vivente

Comunità di Etica Vivente


Fiorenza Bortolotti, architect and planner, landscape designer, trainer in Psychosynthesis since 1989, member of the Comunità di Etica Vivente (Comunità di Psicosintesi till 1995) in Italy, member of the Italian Agni Yoga Society, responsible for Darjeeling Goodwill Centre and Crookety House-Himalayan Agni Yoga Centre, India, EDE completed with Gaia Education in Auroville and Damanhur in 2017, SDGs trainings of Multipliers with May East in Indian Himalaya in 2018.



Silvia Pinciroli, trainer, counselor and coach in the business field, member of the Comunità di Etiva Vivente in Italy, member of the Italian Agni Yoga Society, president of Libra, association for a new Economy, event manager at the Comunità di Etica Vivente, work coordinator for the EVS volunteers at the Comunità di Etica Vivente, lead groups of Creative Meditation; Train the Trainers course with Gaia Education and EDE will be completed by August 2018.





Psychosynthesis for Group Consciousness

With Silvia Pinciroli

Psychosynthesis is a Transpersonal Psychology addressed in particular to “healthy people” conceived in past century by Italian dr. Roberto Assagioli, who designed two major diagrams, the “Egg” describing the structure of human psyche, and the “Star” describing its functioning. These patterns give shape to the main constitution of every human being, defining the conscious and unconscious parts of our multiple personalities and using practices, like visualizations, meditations, introspection, group dynamics, plays and exercises for individual and group integration and development.

We would like to guide a group to discover how we all are made on psychic level and why we are functioning in certain ways, how we can “know, possess and transform ourselves”, developing our skills and becoming change makers in our groups and communities.
Thanks our pluriannual experience in a Community which practices Psychosynthesis we recommend it as tool to develop our personal and group consciousness toward a bigger collective wisdom.

It’s aimed at all those who are looking for an inner change to change the world.


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