Elif Erdogan Oztekin

8100 – thematic network in Turkey


Origin in Istanbul, Turkey, Elif is inhabiting in Helsinki right now for her ongoing doctoral studies on ‘learning for sustainability in eco-communities’. She is also representing 8100 – a thematic ecovillage network initiative based in Turkey – as a delegate.


Collective mind of eco-communities

14.07.2018 / 3 PM – 5PM

We are pushing the environmental and societal limits of our world. It is known that natural resources, which feed “modern” lifestyles, are depleting rapidly; in addition to the threat on the survival of balanced ecological processes, the socio-economical fractions have also begun to threaten the well-being of our society by dislocating the political equilibrium in several geographical regions. Sustainability doesn’t only refer to the continuum of the world as we know it, but it refers to a set of better alternatives for organising life. Defining emerging phenomena, revealing the learning networks and broadening/amplifying it are crucial steps to take for accelerating sustainability transitions within broader geographies and societies.
Building on these insights, this workshop aims to facilitate a collaborative thinking process revealing a holistic understanding on the wisdom of eco-communities by focusing on the “collective” dimension of the knowledge produced by and spreading from eco-communities. By using participatory methods, I aim to facilitate the workshop in such a way that all the attendants would be able to participate actively in an equal and safe atmosphere in the thinking, understanding and knowledge production process. In other words, the workshop will act as a platform to bring people from a variety of eco-communities together to continue building on the wisdom.
In doing so, we will use a variety of tools to enable creative thinking, efficient collaboration and communication (such as photos, natural and man-made objects, pens, post-it’s). The tentative workshop programme is composed of (1)a short warming-up session in the beginning, followed by (2)a short description of the ‘collective’ learning dimension of the eco-community wisdom and the workshop aims and process. Then we will move with (3)a series of well-planned activities, games, discussions that would guide our thinking and collaboration towards building a holistic understanding of how we as eco-communities learn and grow.



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