Arne Bollinger

As a therapist, Arne found that the root of planetary destruction course lies in a corrupt system and a culture that is not centered around human needs. On his search for holistic places where people can get and stay healthy he found ecovillages and that they are also struggling with the same culture, like all of us. The culture of gift-economy combines many principles for human and global holistic health. Since 8 years he is developing social formats to bring the power of gift-economy into sustainable communities. He founded the gift-economy network for sustainable communities in 2011 and is collaborating with GEN ever since.

Creating the more beautiful world: Gift-Circles

The whole GEN Conference will be transformed into a gift-circle in this heart-opening experience, brought to you by
Offers and Needs will match up magically in this social format that can be applied on all kinds of events and within ecovillages. The more people take part in a gift-circle, the higher the chances are to fulfil wishes.
At some point the circle will develop its own collective intelligence, that can be used to make unmatched wishes come true.
This is a wonderful community-building event that creates new connections and is really magic.
We want to make gift-circles in every community and put them together online through our platform, so everybody can get what they wish for and replace our needs for money slowly with meaningful connections.


How to create a gift-economy network

Ecobasa has been collecting and developing social tools and best-practices on how to use gift-economy within a community and how to built up regional gift-economy communities around your project. We want to share these insights with you and inspire communities to share products and resources freely without money, to become more resilient and independent from the global economic system that is killing the planet.
Gifting creates trustful relationships and brings people together around their interests and needs. It supports a healthy communication culture and promotes holistic health for people and the planet.
We can create a network that serves all our and natures needs here and now. All you have to do is participate.


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