Anne-Ly Naukas

Lilleoru’s permaculture gardener, and kriya hatha yoga teacher

Anne-Ly Naukas is a certified Kriya Hatha Yoga teacher with 13 years of experience. She runs a yoga studio in Tallinn and has been responsible for the organization of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga initiations in Lilleoru. She is also the head gardener of Lilleoru’s permaculture garden and has developed the permaculture techniques and principles to accommodate to the temperate and cold climate conditions.

Anne-Ly: “I’ve been in good contact with nature since my childhood thanks to my grandmother, although I grew up in the city. I started to learn about gardening directly in practice – I was asked to become Lilleoru’s community gardener. I am living in the community and doing this for 7 years now, mainly in the vegetable garden, but as the head gardener I am also keeping an eye on our flower and herb garden and the garden as a whole. I don’t have a diploma in gardening, but I’ve passed the permaculture certificate course with Albert Bates, Claudia van Gool and Maria Ros.

Get to know Lilleoru’s permaculture garden!

12.07.2018 and 14.07.2018 / 11:30 AM  – 1 PM

With Miina Leesment and Maire Pedor

This is a practical workshop showing Lilleoru’s beautiful permaculture garden and explaining how the main permaculture principles are applied in the community garden. The gardeners will show what is changed here compared to common gardening practices and what kind of bottleneck issues have been solved with innovative solutions supporting sustainable activities.

It is also a great possibility to get your hands dirty, as the workshop will have also a practical part and we’ll do some gardening together.

Kriya Hatha Yoga

12.07.2018 / 7 AM  – 7:45 AM

As we start the early morning yoga, there can still be some stiffness in our bodies. Thus we call the practitioners to be present and aware to distinguish main tensions in their bodies and work in the border area of comfortably effective stretching without any over straining through all the movements.

Kriya yoga practice has its core in using awareness, in being aware of all the sensations, emotions and thoughts that are popping up in the inner space.

During this morning yoga class we use together with common hatha yoga positions also some techniques, that can effectively release tensions and stiffness from the body and also have long-term results. The positive change in the body will be even more permanent if the practitioner simultaneously releases those mental conceptions and emotions that are automatically popping up and are actually very possible core reasons for the discovered tensions in the physical body.


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