In the Great Labyrinth of spaces, every space is connected to every other space. This means that by being radically responsible for your center, your attention, your purposes (both conscious and unconscious), and for being the space through which your unique Bright Principles can do their work in the world, life suddenly exits the domain of dramas and problems and shifts into kaleidoscopically joyous creation, healing, and transformation opportunities. The practicalities which Anne-Chloé gained from her legal, economics, and Buddhist training, coupled with her years of journeying alone through countries around the world, add profound dimensions to her helping you improve your own skills for creating new possibilities.


Initiatory Processes for Conscious Community

11.07.2018 , 13.07.2018 and 14.07.2018 / 3 PM  – 5 PM

With Clinton Callahan

The currency of conscious communities is the specific adulthood initiatory processes the community specializes in delivering. In these workshop sessions we provide safe, dynamic, challenging, and transformational experiences in which participants can take responsibility for inner and outer resources they might never have imagined they personally have access to. The experiences build ‘matrix’, which is the energetic structure in each of us that allows us to hold and apply more awareness. Matrix is built through refining distinctions. These workshops empower each individual with distinctions for delivering their core mission in life, their unique practical services to the village. The processes are copyleft open-code thoughtware from Possibility Management. You are invited to use these initiations to empower others in your own workshops. These tools become a currency of value you can use for the rest of your life. Themes include: completing incomplete emotions from the past, using your center and grounding cord, consciously using your anger to do the next thing in your life, Dragon Speaking, distinguishing feelings from emotions, distinguishing your Box from your Being, learning your Gremlin’s name, Inner Permaculture, using the Frying Pan community healing process, negotiating 5-body intimacies with others, conscious gameworld building, etc. These are especially potent tools for transformational circle navigators.


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