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Suderbyn Permaculture Ecovillage

Alisa is a core member of Suderbyn Ecovillage on Gotland as well as a coordinator of a number of initiatives about youth transformative education, environmental issues, social innovation, freedom of speech and personal empowerment. Originally grown up in the post-Soviet area she moved later to Sweden where together with the team she builds an intentional community based on principles of voluntary simplicity, intercultural diversity and non-violence. She holds a Master Degree in Sustainable Development, is in the Board of Suderbyn People-Care Cooperative, a Council member of the NGO Relearn, and a Council member of Baltic Ecovillage Network. Since two years, when more political tensions started to take place in the Baltic Sea Region, Alisa shifted her attention to alternative communities and initiatives in the region and is currently inspired to create more cross-pollination between different Baltic initiatives and hubs. Projects in which Alisa is involved include learning programs, action research, experiential learning for youth and adults, communities development and intercultural cooperation.

Baltic Ecovillage Network: coming together to share and support

11.07.2018 / 3 PM  – 5 PM

With Thomas Meier

Many of us in the Baltic Sea Region grow communities, ecovillages and green projects, but only few of us support each other by a word, technique, knowledge or a sense of togetherness. In the same region we encounter similar challenges and often find similar solutions, thus having a dynamic and supportive network would help us on our paths. We inherited pieces of common history, traditions, traumas and celebration but rarely recognise this affinity and often continue to grow stereotypes and images about each other. Baltic Ecovillage Network (BEN) could be one of the common grounds feeding and supporting us through exchange of knowledge, experience, contacts, question and solutions, not less than the sense of creating together with others. Created 5 years ago, BEN is still in its pilot stage with a lot of unfolded potential, but with already created structures. Hosting the Conference in Estonia can be a good jumping point for us to come together.
During this session we will connect and map the situation in the region – we hope many of you people around the Baltic Sea can come. We will get to know the story of BEN, what has been and is happening now and to project the future path. We will take a look at our resemblance and differences and see how we can support each other. And we aim to meet each other in an enriching way.

The workshop is organised by BEN Council members.


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