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Aigi Vahing spent 30 years of her life fighting with food addiction. This led her to other addictions: relationships, overworking, over exercising, alcohol, drugs, computer games, depressive states etc. In 2004, she moved to US trying to overcome her addictions with change of environment and finding a new calling. She started to study acting in LA. Still, this outer change failed to release her from addictions. For 27 years she tried to control her problems by herself. During the 3 final years of addictions she looked for help from different self-help methods, therapies, recovery programs, including the 12-step programs of Overeaters Anonymous, Al-Anon (program for families and friends of alcoholics) and Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous in New York. In 2010, she published an autobiographical novel “Choice” (“Valik”, in Estonian) about addictions, in which the main character accepts that it is not possible to release addictions and that the addict will always remain “a recovering addict”. After returning to Estonia, Aigi’s therapist recommended her to participate in “The Art of Conscious Change” courses. This event, in 2011, initiated the lasting positive change in her life. By today she has released her addictions and has received a licence to teach the basic courses of The Art of Conscious Change I-II to those who also wish to release addictions, from her teacher Ingvar Villido, the creator of The Art of Conscious Change method.

Aigi Vahing has a BBA degree in Business Administration. She has worked for Disney’s theatrical distribution company in the Baltic States and as a TV presenter in Estonia, including hosting the first season of the “American Idol” show in Estonia. She has worked in the United States as Estonia’s foreign journalist. She is currently lecturing and conducting workshops and courses of The Art of Conscious Change in addiction release.


The Art of Conscious Change: a unique method to release food and relationship addictions and other habits

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Me, 17 years ago:Each time I promised myself that I will not engage in this harmful habit anymore I felt so empowered, hopeful and strong. Each time I broke that promise, I felt so beaten, hopeless and lost. This lasted for decades. And the habit always won. Finally I felt that I had failed 7000 times. I had no more willpower. I had no motivation to search for new solutions. And I had reached the point where I was about to start going down, unless I found something that would pull me out.

Me, 7 years ago: By that time I had developed a keen interest in reality. I had started to notice that my food & relationship addictions actually served as a means for avoiding reality, and indulging in it made reality seem softer and nicer. How to get out of this sweet trap? As I had slowly started to discover that addiction was not just one big pattern, but it consisted of smaller things: emotions, thought patterns and behaviours, I began my search for a method that would enable me to change those details.

Me, now: I have been using this method now for 7 years. Today, I don’t have any addictions. At this practical workshop I will share my experience of getting rid of harmful habits with you. You will also learn to discover which details your habit consists of and get to know about the force that keeps your habits active. You will also get to realize that sometimes we don’t want to get rid of those beloved bad habits of ours. To find out why, you will get to use awareness – your only most capable tool for understanding – to realize what is stopping you from getting better.


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