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Adam McKenty is an amateur scientists, meditator, musician and computer programmer from a small island on the west coast of Canada. He is the instigator of the Collective Intelligence Network (, a website for ideas, research and inspiration about collective intelligence in its many forms. A long-term intentional community member, he is very interested in how collective wisdom and purpose-guided action can emerge in human groups, especially those working to create harmonious, sustainable, and mindful society on planet Earth.

Adam contributes articles about technology and consciousness to The Autodidacts ( and (, runs a web development and consulting business (Photosynthesis Communications), and travels and plays music with The Solaris Music Project ( and The Merry McKentys (

Collective Intelligence: Academia Catches Up To Ecovillages

14.07.2018 / 3 PM – 5 PM

In this workshop we will look at how far the academic world has come in recognizing, analyzing, and measuring the power of collectives to make wise and intelligent decisions. While ecovillagers are already experts at practical collective intelligence, it is inspiring to see the sometimes astonishing ways that research supports long-standing intuitions about what makes groups function well, how independence and cooperation can be balanced to make good decisions, and the value of emotional intelligence in collective wisdom.

Beyond the research results lie deep and intriguing questions about consciousness, the nature of human groups, and our role in the collective of life on Earth.

Research highlights will include: studies from MIT on the importance of sensitivity, balanced participation, and women’s contributions in group cognitive performance; Google’s attempts to quantify team performance showing social safety is more important than IQ; Dramatic results from “swarm intelligence” platforms that have predicted future events with extreme accuracy; an overview of digital democracy systems that are applicable to communities; research on the intelligence of forests and other collectives in nature; and views from consciousness science that point to the mysteries of collective intelligence in our bodies and brains.

Together, we will see how possibilities from academia, systems science, and direct experience converge on an inspiring and challenging view of our role in the interconnected web of life. The workshop will include participatory activities to tap the collective’s intelligence about collective intelligence.


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