Vitalia Baranyai

If you ask earthworms, they will say, we need more people like Vitalia. She is dedicated about healing the soil that humanity so much depends upon. She works as a soil ecology consultant helping growers, farmers and gardeners to bring life back to their land and grow food without chemicals. She holds composting workshops, teaches soil microbiology analysis. Vitalia studied in Hungary, Sweden and the United States and holds two Masters in Environmental Engineering and Soil Science. She is a certified permaculture teacher.

The wisdom of soil communities – Caring for the Earth the permaculture way

11.07.2018 / 11:30 AM – 1 PM

“Soil is the source of our life. Our civilisation has been degrading it in an ever accelerating manner. Today most of our food comes from a chemical based agriculture. It is poor in nutrition and loaded with chemicals. While we are producing food that makes us sick, we make our soil unhealthy too. The good news is that there is a way to reverse the degradation and create an agricultural system that heals the soil and can produce healthy food. Food can become our medicine. In the same time, with the application of ecological knowledge, system thinking of permaculture and land stewardship, soils can be regenerated. I will introduce you to the communities below or feet, the soil food web, who are the basis of soil health. I will show you who are the key players in the intricate web of soil life, what do they do and how to reintroduce them into your farm of garden. You will gain an understanding about why many of the permaculture gardening techniques work so well and how to make them even better and more effective. With the tools and techniques that you will learn in this workshop you will be able to asses the health of your soil and bring life back to it. I am a Soil Scientist and an Environmental Engineer, trained in Hungary, Sweden and the United States. I have trained and worked with Dr Elaine Ingham, the global ambassador of soil microbial communities. In 2008 I came across permaculture, that helped me understand how badly we have degraded all our natural support systems, including water and soil. I realised that we as humanity need a paradigm shift and a completely new way of thinking and acting if we are about to keep living on this planet, our only home. To catalyse the much needed change I do my best to heal any soil that I can influence and help others to do the same.”


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