Ronski Kosky

Väike Jalajälg

Ronski Kosky MA Leadership, B.Sc., B.Ed. Ronski is an experienced facilitator and community weaver, dynamic, intuitive, inspiring and personal. From Hawaii to Finland, thousands of people have taken his workshops, training programs in community development, embodied permaculture, and the art of Leadership. Ronski lives and is a full-time member of Väike Jalajälg (Small Footprint) Intentional Eco-village Community. Known for his listening skills and alive presence, his vital life affirming approach inspires, encourages and supports individuals in their healing journey. He is trained in non-violent communication, the art of touch, is a yoga and dance teacher, practices the Tantra of living and supports communities to evolve, grow and heal.


RISING TOGETHER ~ Co-Creating a PermaCulture for Humanity

13.07.2018 / 3 PM – 5PM

Experience and enjoy a journey through the four human relationship landscapes. Come find out what they are! The Rising Together workshop is an experiential workshop about composting oneself and becoming more embodied. We will self-reflect, work in pairs, move as a community and imagine how we can contribute to a thriving community, ecovillage and a better world. You will learn how to cultivate a celebratory mindset, lead from your heart and ignite your passion. This leadership workshop is for community builders and change makers.


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