Ramona Bavassano

Human sustainable development consultant, managerial trainer and project manager


Ramona: I work as an entrepreneur and a consultant since about 30 years with the mission to help people working better, developing themselves and their ability to create synergies and thriving ecosystems. After a degree “Magna cum Laude” in Organizational Psychology at “La Sapienza University” in Rome in 1993, a Master in Business Administration in 1995 and further training as a NLP practitioner and professional facilitator, I managed several UE transnational projects in training and job systems development. I created and managed projects in Mexico, Guatemala, India, Argentina, Thailand, Syria, Laos, Cambodia, Japan and mostly Brazil and Jamaica. In Brazil in 2010 I founded the international consulting group www.responsability.co, with which we applied the innovative formula of the event www.corporatesocialforum.org to developed joined vision for the sustainable development of entire territories through the involvement of all the productive activities and stakeholders, including minorities, indigenous communities, local associations and with a special attention to gender issues. Every winter since 2012 I move – like birds – toward Jamaica, where together with local partners with a fully bottom-up approach we are creating Jamadda Perma-Cultural Ecovillage, (Facebook: www.facebook.com/jamaddajamaica) to support responsible growth in the Treasure Beach community in the South Coast. I also participate in several networks of innovators, such as www.ouishare.net and www.edgeryders.eu. I enjoy creating cultural events in challenging contexts, such has www.brasilicatatour.it in Southern Italy. We supported the city of Matera to be European Capital of Culture in 2019. We won demonstrating that high impacts can be made possible using social innovation, cultural shifts and new connections among existing systems for the common good. Since September 2015 I also collaborate with Ernst & Young Financial Business Advisors SPA. And I am always ready for new challenging adventures.

Co-creating strategies to share wisdom with developing countries

13.07.2018 / 8:30 PM  – 10 PM

With Riccardo Clemente

This is an invitation to co-create a strategy to share the wisdom of ecovillagers with emerging projects in the Caribbean and other developing regions of the world.

As a passionate expert on Human Sustainable Development and co-founder of Jamadda Permacultural Ecovillage in Jamaica, I feel that building bridges and sharing visions and methodologies is the way to go to create thriving eco-systems based on aware cultural shifts.

After a concentrated presentation of the complex context of Jamaica, we will work in small groups using the Gen Mandala as a guide.

We are going to co-design creatively possible answers to the question: How can we better use our collective wisdom to identify possible positive solutions to the cultural, social, economical and environmental challenges of developing countries?

Our goal is to create the foundations on which we can build real projects and partnerships to be implemented right away to make of Jamadda a Living Lab for Social Innovation. And, of course, Your Place to Be, To Become and to Belong, Inspired by the Jamaican motto: Out of many, One People. One Love!



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