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“I have always been passionate about self development, group dynamics, motivating and empowering others. I enjoy tackling women issues, building bridges of hope and healing between Africa&Europe and love to share knowledge on conscious living, advocating for climate justice and regenarative education. I am a firm believer of UBUNTU an African philosophy – I am because we are!!!! I am committed to creating safe spaces and holistic events for individuals and group processes. To support in achieving desired goals and create a common vision, using indigenous wisdom and systemic facilitation.

Reconnecting and Healing with our Ancestors

13.07.2018 / 8:30 PM  – 10 PM

Ancestral communication has been an ancient practice in every wisdom tradition through out time. In Africa today the Indigenous teachings of connecting and healing with our ancestors still plays a vital role in the growth of an individual and society at large. Communities are build around the dreams of the old ancestors and visions of the future ancestors. It is also firmly believed that our ancestors live within us in a form of our DNA, their dreams, memories and traumas are stored within us. We are never alone or seperated. This workshop is about creating a safe sacred space for those who wish to journey into a deeper understanding of the ancient ways in a gentle and loving way.


UBUNTU – North South Healing and reconciliation

11.07.2018 and 12.07.2018 / 8:30 PM  – 10 PM

This workshop is based on the philosophy of UBUNTU I am because we are. We will look at the impacts of climate change on developing and oppressed communities. How climate change can be racist and gender bias. How and why are the indigenous people the most vulnerable. How can UBUNTU be a solution. On the first day we will create a safe, sacred space to look at unconscious racism and internalised racism, and how the Northern counties continue to contribute to CO2lonialism. On the 2nd day we will cover possible solutions , harvesting of information for a creative way forward. This workshop is recommended for those who are into sacred activism and those who which to understand more about climate change justice.


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