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GEN Europe 2018 conference “Wisdom of Conscious Communities”


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Conference food is all vegan, organic and locally grown as much as possible. Milk and cheese will be available separately.
Cost: 25€ per full day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) 12.50€ per full day for children 7-17 years
NB! Please order the meals for your arrival and departure days separately! These are not included in the price by default.
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Please contact in the case you have any issues with the payments.


Who is a GEN Delegate?

GEN delegates are officially appointed to represent GEN Europe communities or national networks at the General Assembly and conference. GEN Europe offers free conference places to its members to ensure representation of the network at the conference. All ecovillages wishing to take advantage of the free conference places must send a representative to the General Assembly.

  • As an aspiring member you can send ONE delegate with no conference fee (only paying for food and accommodation)
  • As a full member you can send THREE delegates with no conference fee (only paying for food and accommodation)
  • As a National Network you can send FIVE delegates with no conference fee (only paying for food and accommodation)

Please ensure you have agreement from your community or national network before booking a delegate spot. If you are at all unsure about whether you can participate as a delegate, please contact before booking to avoid confusion.




















































FAQ - Accommodation

Camping in personal tents

Cost:  0€//night
Camping in your own tent in Lilleoru next to the conference area. Please bear in mind the latitude – nordic summer nights can be dampy and temperature may easily drop below +10℃.


Cost: 20€ per caravan per night
Camping in your own caravan in Lilleoru next to the conference area. Electricity connection available but we kindly ask you to use it not for cooking or heating. Direct water connection to each caravan is not available, water is available from nearby tap.


Cost: 13€ per night
Indoor accommodation in local schools, approx 20 people in the same classroom. Mattresses are provided. Please bring your own sleeping bag.
Distance from Lilleoru: 6 km
Transport: There is a special bus connection to and from Lilleoru during the days of the conference

Forest Motel

Cost: 25€ per night
Simple log houses in rustic holiday resort, 2-3 persons per room, bunk beds, shared bathroom, towels provided.
Distance from Lilleoru: 8 km
Transport: special bus connection to and from Lilleoru, possibility to rent a bike.

Roadside Motel

Cost: 25€/30€/50€ per night
Nice motel, 1-3 person bedrooms, private bathrooms, TV, WiFi, hairdryer, refrigerator, towels provided. Whole motel is booked only for us.
Distance from Lilleoru: 17 km
Transport: special bus connection to and from Lilleoru

Hotel in Tallinn

Cost: 30€/50€ per night
Nice 3-star hotel in Tallinn, 1-2 person bedrooms, private bathroom, TV, hairdryer, free WiFi, 2 km from the Tallinn international airport.
Distance from Lilleoru: 26 km
Transport: you have to arrange your own transport or use public transport.

Contact Reet Rehtsalu for more information

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