Pre-program July 5-7

Permaculture workshop

By Albert Bates and Bernd Neugebauer

Main focus of the workshop is on regenerative development – building a new human relationship with Earth as healers and stewards. The course will give an overview of all the drawdown techniques that Albert has integrated in a design charette much like in PDC or EDE.

Albert: “This is not a certificate course, just an overview, but it will likely alter most people’s worldview. We will make biochar and compost; we will make biocomposites and charcrete; we will do team design for cold-climate agroforestry.”


Albert Bates

Albert BatesAlbert is one of the founders of the intentional community and ecovillage movements. A lawyer, author and teacher, he has taught appropriate technology, natural building and permaculture to students from more than 60 nations.

He is also a civil sector representative at the COP climate conferences, trying to point the world back towards a stable atmosphere using soils and trees, and he is presently GEN’s representative to the UN climate talks.

Albert has been director of the Global Village Institute for Appropriate Technology since 1984 and of the Ecovillage Training Center at The Farm since 1994. His books include Climate in Crisis and The Post-Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook. Since 1972 he has been a resident of The Farm, a pioneering intentional community in Tennessee, USA.


Bernd Neugebauer

Bernd NeugebauerBernd has a Ph.D. degree in Forestry, is an expert in environmental sustainability and has experience in international projects in many countries. Since 1992 Bernd has radicated at Chan Ká Vergel in Yucatán. He is the initiator of Yucatek and a passionate and capable student of old Mayan ways and teacher for younger generations. Together with him, the Mayan people have learned to rediscover old and time tested technologies, which are very suitable and adapted to the environment in Yucatán.


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