Guided tours

Guided Tours

Take a chance to look around Estonia! We have arranged four guided tours for you to meet Estonian communities and see more of Estonian nature and countryside.

Ecocommunities in Central Estonia

Visit the small intentional communities in Central Estonia. Small Footprint eco-community, Camphill Village in Pahkla and Hobukooli Park promote community-based, sustainable and nature-friendly lifestyle. You´ll also get a hint of horse-therapy and natural building practices. We finish the tour hiking in beautiful Kodru bog and places of the action of the famous estonian novel “Truth and justice”.

8:00 Start from Lilleoru
8:30-9:30 Pahkla Camphill Village
9:30 Small Footprint eco-community
12:00–12:45 Lunch-break
13:00-15:45 Equilibre Horse Park (natural building and equine-assisted therapy)
15:45 Tammsaare-Järva-Madise hiking trail
18:00 Back to Lilleoru centre
19:00 Dinner

Price: 45 EUR
Includes transport, meals, guides, and entrance fees.

Totally different – Setomaa

Setomaa with its culture is like a buffer area between Eastern and Western nations. Their unique traditions of celebrations, singing and food are something you should experience by yourself. In addition to the culture Southern-Estonia offers scenic landscapes and forests what you can see also on Piusa hikingtrail which paves on the territory of Piusa caves nature reserve area.

8:00 Start from Lilleoru
8:00-10:00 Trip to Tartu or Kassinurme Fort and Sacred Grove
10:50-11:30 Seto Farm Museum and Tsäimaja (traditional café)
12:00-12:45 Lunch-break in Tsäimaja
12:50-13:45 Seto art gallery-studio
14:00-14:40 trip to Piusa
15:00-16:30 Piusa sandstone caves and eco-colouring workshop
16:40-16:50 trip to Taarka Tarõ Köögikõnõ
17:00-17:30 Dinner and possibility to buy souvenirs
18:00-21:00 Back to Lilleoru

Price: 75 EUR

Includes transport, entrance fees, guiding and tour leading.

Miracles of Lahemaa National Park

Northern coast of Estonia offers an authentic taster of natural and cultural landscapes. This day-trip gives you opportunity to take a glance at the mystical well where witches whisk inside, discover different shades of sacrifical Blue Springs and have a look in versatile landscape of Lahemaa national park. You’ll also get a chance to meet an active coastal village community of Tapurla on Juminda Peninsula.

8:00 Start from Lilleoru
8.15 Sacrifical springs of Saula
9.15 Tuhala Witch´s well, short walking tour
12.00-12:45 Lunch break in restaurant Mer Mer or Kolga manor
13:00 Tapurla coastal village and community
15:00 Hiking in Lahemaa national park and picnic
18:00 Back to Lilleoru centre
20:00 Dinner
Price: 45 EUR
Includes transport, entrance fees, guiding and tour leading.

Magnificent Tallinn and Naissaar Island

Experience exciting mix of old and new in a day! Enchanting medieval architecture and winding gobblestone streets of one of the best preserved Hanseatic town centres in the world. Colorful wooden houses interspersed with old industrial buildings, now inhabited by creative community. Amazing nature interlaced with military relics on Naissaare Island. Let yourself be impressed by all of that.

8:00 Start from Lilleoru
9:00-11:00 Tallinn Old Town walking tour
11:15-12:15 Kalamaja quarter
13:00 Boat trip to Naissaar, lunch included
14:00-17:00 3-hour tour on an open lorry
18:00 Back to Tallinn
19:00-19:45 Back to Lilleoru centre
20:00 Dinner
Price: 75 EUR

Includes transport, ferry tickets, entrance fees, guiding and tour leading.


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