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Lilleoru is a training centre and intentional learning community, designed and built with an aim to support conscious and holistic development of a human being.



School of practical awareness
From the very beginning, practical application of awareness has been the key element in all of Lilleoru’s activities. Kriya yoga teacher Ingvar Villido and a small group of his students initially established the centre in 1993. Together the first houses were built and a permaculture garden and the Flower of Life Park were created. Today a little more than 120 people form the core group. They come here regularly to study, take care of the community and place, and organize all necessary activities.



“The Art of Conscious Change” techniques that we apply here have been developed by Ingvar Villido and have by today reached thousands of people in Estonia as well as abroad. In 2018 we will open a new School of Practical Awareness building that will be also the heart and the centre of GEN2018 conference “The Wisdom of Conscious Communities”.

Flower of Life park
At the heart of Lilleoru lies the Flower of Life Park, based on an ancient pattern of creation. The park symbolizes the unity of human essence – universal wisdom and harmony.



Herb garden
Lilleoru’s herb garden is located in the heart of Lilleoru, in the Flower of Life Park. Powerful herbs – the ingredients of herbal teas – grow on the petals of the Flower of Life Mandala and on the stepped terraces of the park.

SkyEarth ecovillage
The village started because many people wanted to live closer to Lilleoru and the teachings that are shared
here. Today a little more than 60 people live in the village, including children.


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