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An invitation to go beyond our limits

Posted by Francesca Whitlock on March 15, 2018

“Go to the limits of your longing…

Flare up like a flame, and make big shadows I can move in”

― Rainer Maria Rilke

The magic of the GEN Conference is in its co-creative nature: each one of us is called to reflect on our gifts, offer them fully, acknowledge our fears and doubts and then allow ourselves to overcome them in a challenging yet safe and nurturing environment.

If you have been wondering if you can be part of this co-creation by running a workshop at the conference, but have doubted if it’s for you, we invite you to take the leap and embrace the challenge!

Here, Irene Goikolea – GEN Council Member, founder of Amalurra community, integral coach – tells us about her experience of running workshops at the GEN Europe conference and offers some words of encouragement.

“I have been giving workshops at the GEN conference for the last two years and this will be my third one. The first time, I felt quite insecure about giving it in English, since it is not my mother tongue. My workshops themselves are an invitation to go beyond our own limits. Therefore, once I traversed the language limit, it brought me a feeling of satisfaction, expansion, a sense of universality (since among the participants there were people from different countries) and also it gave me trust in myself, because I was taking my work out of my country and people were interested in it.

I recommend this experience because if one really wishes to do it, it is worth going beyond the insecurity limit. To do so it is essential to honor it, because if you honor that human feeling in yourself and go forward with it, it will lead you towards a feeling of security and trust.”

Ready to go beyond your limits? We invite you to fill in the workshop form now! The EXTENDED deadline for submitting workshops is April 20th.



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